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As purveyors of all things Hip Hop, we regularly feature reviews, news and interviews by those who live and breathe the culture.

Welsh Hip Hop will be at the forefront given there is no place shining a light on the talent here, but the overriding emphasis is on promoting the best Hip Hop we can find.


In keeping with Hip Hop’s long-held philosophy of ‘each one, teach one’, we have a serious passion for sharing our skills and experience. These can be accessed by our tailor-made workshops or via attending one of our regular open mic opportunities. Every one of us lives for our art and is dedicated to encouraging creative expression, regardless of what medium is chosen.

Events & Promotion

We have held events at various venues over the years and continue to provide a stage for those who deserve the limelight, whether they are local or from further afield. You can also catch us with our pop-up stall and sound system at Festivals, Graffiti Jams and happenings across South Wales.


Find out about the latest in quality, underground Hip Hop


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What People Say About Us

Best underground Hip Hop outfit in South Wales!

Jamie P.

The Hold Up – Keeping it real, all day every day…

Amelia T

An absolute asset to the local scene and Hip Hop!

Luke M

Dope crew!

Good, strong Hip Hop vibes.

Quality live events every time.

Matt H

A wicked collective of fine, humble super talented people with the right ethos. They light up the place every time they’re in the house. Properly inspiring stuff, pleasure to work with them, Grassroots loves ya

Mike Botzaropoulos Youth Worker @ Grassroots

Got South Wales on lock.

Best nights out and get a lot of good acts into Cardiff that other promoters wouldn’t.

Dean T

These guys are quite simply what I consider as true lovers of the genre, they put on nights for the fans instead of just trying to line their pockets. Personally I have some of the best nights at these events…..They are always looking to give new talent an opportunity to shine, create safe havens for budding artists to showcase their skills in a pressure free and supportive environment through side projects such as “Inner-City Cyphers” in association with Oner Graffiti Store.

What more can I say, long live The Hold Up.

Cardiff’s Home of Hip Hop!!!

Logan S.

I strongly recommend and trust The Hold Up to manage anything Hip Hop positive In South Wales.

I’ve seen it all before and watched them come and go!!!!!

Your in safe hands with these guys! What you see is what you get with the Hold Up crew.

All for the greater good!!!!

Charlie B.

Definitely an essential part of the hip hop scene. People like these dudes are the reason I still have faith that hip hop is still well and truly alive and kicking! Salutio

Matthew J.

Always full of good vybz great people to be around

Josh T

Saturday afternoon jams at Oner Signs are one off Cardiff’s hidden gems.

Jonny S

Great guys.. whether it’s the radio show or the monthly nights, these peeps showcase the best underground and up and coming hip hop artists.

Jason C

I’m from a time in Cardiff Hip Hop, that’s long gone! But it’s so refreshing and revitalising to see the flame still burning in the manifestation of ‘The Hold Up’.

Thank you, for keeping our Welsh Hip Hop torch burning!

You’re very much appreciated by many people.

Jonathon B.

In a world filled with selfishness and greed, Very few people break the mould. Rappers around Cardiff/Wales in general were for too long neglecting opportunities to make the scene what it could and SHOULD be. I personally have only been taking this music thing seriously for about a year now.. More so in the past 6 months. The Hold Up gave me my first opportunity to perform live.. They have been an integral part to my development. Be it with my confidence on the mic or through helping with collaborations. The Hold Up are are a shining light for the community of Welsh Hip Hop in an otherwise segregated scene. I thank them for all they have done for me thus’ far, and look forward to being a part of this scene for a very long time with all of these guys.

Dan M.

Who We’ve Worked With

Free for all
Hub Festival
Grassroots Cardiff
It's My Shout
Cardiff Speaker Hire

Hold Up News

New Community Project!!!

We've recently announced our new project, in collaboration with youth project, Grassroots Cardiff. Find out more info about the creative opportunities we are bringing to young people across South Wales.

dabbla tour cardiff The Hold Up

Dabbla's heading to the 'Diff!!!

The Hold Up are proud to present Dabbla on his 'Death Moves Album Tour'

2nd March 2019

Support Acts TBA and ticket link to follow

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