Hip Hop started in small communities before it became global, with an emphasis on peace, love, unity and having a good time.

Our aim: to keep the true tenants of Hip Hop alive by passing them on to future generations in the area.

The Hold Up Crew celebrating another day of Hip Hop workshops at Plasmawr

We have sought out the finest artists in the South Wales area and provided them with a platform to pass on what they know about their chosen element of Hip Hop.

  Utilising the depth of talent in the area can help to encourage future generations to pick up the baton and take these art forms in new, innovative directions.

We help provide the basics with workshops and taster sessions at various schools, colleges, community centres, etc in the area and provide continued support for those who become enamoured by the culture in the same way we have.

Inner City Cypher

Afternoon open mic cypher at the Oner Signs Graffiti shop in centre of Cardiff.

Everyone is welcome; Emcees, Beatboxers, DJ's or just lovers of the culture.

Each month we'll have at least one DJ booked in to keep the beats going and a pretty much open mic.

This is a central, regular place and time to meet, hang out, try out new material and generally connect with one another ensuring the Hip Hop scene in South Wales continues to grow stronger

Over the last few years, we've been working in partnership with Cardiff Central Youth Project, Grassroots, delivering weekly open mic sessions to anyone aged 16-25.

The aim: to provide a platform enabling young people to express themselves in a healthy way whilst building confidence and developing their performance skills.

Each session is hosted by an MC and DJ who are active in the local scene.

Forever moving foward we present the 5th Element Project

Find out more here...

5th Element Project
colour in the community.red circle

'Colour in the Community' is an ongoing art project being carried out across South Wales, involving a small group of mural artists, and facilitated by us at The Hold Up.

Many areas in our towns and cities are densely populated and filled with residential and industrial areas that are dominated by drab, grey and brown brickwork. Our focus is on bringing more colour and vibrancy to otherwise rundown or impoverished areas.

We believe by refreshing and rejuvenating these areas with artworks and murals, we can help improve overall wellbeing and the pride residents have in their area.


If you would like us to tailor a workshop to your needs please get in touch using the form below

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