'Colour in the Community' is an ongoing art project carried out across South Wales, involving a small group of mural artists and facilitated by Cardiff based Organisation The Hold Up.

Our focus is on bringing more colour and vibrancy to otherwise rundown or impoverished areas.

Many areas in our towns and cities, are densely populated and filled with residential and industrial areas that are dominated by drab, grey and brown brickwork.

We believe by refreshing and rejuvenating these areas with artworks and murals we can help improve overall wellbeing and the pride residents have in their area.

A lot of non-digital visual art is confined to the walls of exhibitions and museums, often behind closed doors and often not accessible to many marginalised groups.

With an emphasis on community participation, we want to bring these run down areas to life with works of art that can inspire, encourage and facilitate the creative endeavours of future generations.

If you would like more information or to take part in the project please get in touch via the form below

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