Hip Hop started in small communities before it became global, with an emphasis on peace, love, unity and having a good time.

Our aim: to keep the true tenants of Hip Hop alive by passing them on to future generations in the area.

Here you can find out how


With a former UK Champ and the current Welsh Champion in our midst's, you know you're going to get the best Beatbox tuition in the country.

Beatbox Fozzy putting the Plasmawr pupils through their first Hold Up Beatbox Workshop
Some BGirls in the making at The Hold Up taster session in Plasmawr


Got moves like a Great Grandfather?

Then we can help!

With over 30+ years of Breakdance experience under their belts, the bboys and bgirls of South Wales can show you a thing or two.


Few creative mediums are considered an illegal menace and exhibition worthy alongside priceless works of art.

With some of the finest graffiti artists in the area, we can walk you through your tentative first steps of creating your own piece

Plasmawr pupils adding a bit of fill to the latest piece created at The Hold Up Graffiti Workshop
Plasmawr pupils pondering the potential of poetry with local MC, Bespoken 2

Lyric Writing

Insightful social commentary, elaborate story telling or just something to get the party started.

The art of writing lyrics can, and should cover a gambit of human emotions and experiences.

With some of the finest lyricists in the area at our disposal, we boil it down to its fundamentals to provide solid foundations for the art of song writing to flourish


Before rap came to prominence the focus was on one person; the DJ.

The backbone of the culture, good DJ can control the crowd like a conductor with his orchestra

Our resident DJ's live and breathe Hip Hop

If you want to know about music past, or present, these are the people to know to learn from

Resident DJ every month at The Hold Up Inner City Cypher
Proper Welsh Hip Hop from Applied Science Launch @ Gwdihw


Spitting lyrics in a bedroom or to our friends is one thing.

Having stage presence, drawing the audience in so they can't help but watch, is quite different.

Which is probably why the title "Master of Ceremonies" feels so apt.

We have shared stages with some of the biggest names in the industry, experiencing crowds of various sizes.

We know what will get them going

The final graff piece from The Hold Up Workshop at Plasmawr
The Hold Up finishing up a piece at Plasmawr
Follow up The Hold Up Workshop and who knows how high we'll all reach
The girls @ Plasmawr getting the 411 on where they can find a Hold Up open dance class
Beatbox Fozzt put on a performance at Plasmawr showing what you can do with time and dedication
Slammo and the boys from Plasmawr attempting to show the girls they can be just as Hip Hop as they
Beatbox Fozzy skooling the kids @ Plasmawr
BeSpoken teaching some local boys the fundamentals of writing lyrics
Plasmawr pupils pondering the potential of poetry with local MC, Bespoken 2
Everyone could really be a poet and The Hold Up are here to let you know it
Kyle guiding a future graffiti artist in the making thanks to The Hold Up Workshops
Beatbox Jomez & Chew @ Hold Up Hip Hop Workshop

Utilising the elements of Hip Hop as a creative learning tool is a great way for people of all ages to engage in an interesting, fun activity that encourages a healthy, creative way to express and celebrate our individuality.

If you would like us to tailor a workshop to your needs please get in touch using the form below

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