Events and Promotions

With over 10 years experience putting on gigs at various venues across Cardiff and Newport.

Providing local acts with the opportunity to share a stage with some of the best Hip Hop talent around and help forge a career for themselves

We know how to get a party started and keep it going

You can also catch us with our pop-up stall and sound system at Festivals, Graffiti Jams and happenings across South Wales.

Gatherings and events are a great way to practice the tenants of Hip-Hop Culture.

Peace, Love and Unity are all important elements of the culture too, but having a good time is one of our favourites.

Pain & Prosperity Album Launch

Join us for Chew's highly anticipated debut album launch party!!

5 years in the making and spread over 2 CDs 'Pain & Prosperity is a body of work that chronicles the peaks and troughs of the life of Chew.

Loudmouth, often obnoxious yet still gracious and beautifully deep Rapper/Poet/Emcee Chew, speaks brutal truths and keeps punk alive.

With no style to hold him down, Chew is just as likely to be found hosting a Drum and Bass set as running a Rap Workshop or Hip-Hop Open Mic Session.


Building a clear path for local talent to share a stage with some of the biggest names and forge a career for themselves in the process


Graffiti? Breakdance? Whatever the requirements, we have the network to create a tailor made jam. Providing the authentic Hip Hop experience right on your door step


From curating a stage for a few hours to organising the whole thing. We are well versed in putting on events of all shapes and sizes and can cater one especially for your needs

Whatever the event, we will provide all the elements for a seriously good time

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