Events and Promotions

With over 10 years experience putting on gigs at various venues across Cardiff and Newport.

Providing local acts with the opportunity to share a stage with some of the best Hip Hop talent around and help forge a career for themselves

We know how to get a party started and keep it going

You can also catch us with our pop-up stall and sound system at Festivals, Graffiti Jams and happenings across South Wales.

Gatherings and events are a great way to practice the tenants of Hip-Hop Culture.

Peace, Love and Unity are all important elements of the culture too, but having a good time is one of our favourites.

Skinnyman - Stickylemons x The Hold Up

Stickylemons alongside The Hold Up present legendary UK MC Skinnyman

Support comes from some of the heaviest local acts guaranteed!!

Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

Doors- 8PM-4AM

Tickets- £7/9/12

DNB // Hip-Hop // Jungle // Funk // Breaks

07-06-2014 @ the loft newport
04-07-2014 The Loft newport
01-08-2014 Le Pub Newport
31-08-2014 Hub Fest Showcase
14-02-2015 No Borders Red & Black
18-05-2015 Skinnyman Moon Launch
9-05-2015 Run NPT
16-05-2015 Ed Scissortongue
19-6-2015 Jam Baxter
18-07-2015 Bronze Nazareth @ Moon Club
19-09-2015 Rev Sol No Borders @ Moon
10-10-2015 Dead Players @ Moon
20-02-2016 Dr Syntax @ Moon Club
19-3-2016 Jam Baxter
16-04-2016 Skinnyman @ Moon Club
16-04-2016 Rodney P @ Moon Club
20-01-2017 Nephilim Gwdihw Launch
17-03-2017 App Sci Launch @ Gwdihw
14-05-2017 Dylan Day
19-05-2017 Turna Phrase Launch @ Gwdihw
21-07-2017 Trademark blud @ Gwdihw
15-09-2017 Phili n Dotz @ Gwdihw
17-11-2017 Skinnyman @ Gwdihw


Building a clear path for local talent to share a stage with some of the biggest names and forge a career for themselves in the process


Graffiti? Breakdance? Whatever the requirements, we have the network to create a tailor made jam. Providing the authentic Hip Hop experience right on your door step


From curating a stage for a few hours to organising the whole thing. We are well versed in putting on events of all shapes and sizes and can cater one especially for your needs

Melo & The Hold Up @ Hub Festival
The Hold Up getting everyone moving with the finest underground hip hop
Crowds forming @ Barry Break Out
Good Beats and Good Eats with The Hold Up
The Hold Up Drawing the Crowds @ Hub Festival
Proper Welsh Hip Hop from Applied Science Launch @ Gwdihw
The Hold Up Making Hip Hop Accessible to All
The Hold Up: Bring the Biggest Names in Hip Hop to The Welsh Capital
From Wales or Further Afield; The Hold Up is only Interested in Quality Underground Hip Hop
The Hold Up @ Barry Break Out
Chew & En Be Keeping the Party Going @ The Hold Up
Skinnyman making another appearance with The Hold Up
The Hold Up Will Keep You Moving
The Hold Up Will Keep You Going Day or Night
Judging those breaks @ Barry Break Out
The Hold Up: Writing our names in Welsh Hip Hop Folklore
The Hold Up Brings the Best Underground Hip Hop To Cardiff
The Hold Up Caters for All Shapes, Colours and Sizes
Happy Times With The Hold Up and Phili n Dotz
Enjoy yourselves at The Hold Up
The Hold Up Promoting a Healthy Welsh Hip Hop Community

Whatever the event, we will provide all the elements for a seriously good time

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