Jericho Jackson

The first album up for review is the album by Jericho Jackson. Matter of factly titled “Khrysis & Elzhi are Jericho Jackson”, it’s released through 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records. Khrysis production credits feature a legitimate who’s who list of underground Hip-Hop artists and Elzhi is no doubt one of the top-tier lyricists out there today, so big things were expected of this album ever since 9th Wonder posted snippets of the project from his Instagram account.

The album starts off with an intro. Who would have thought it? Haha! It has a smooth sounding piano throughout and I was expecting it to kick in with a thud but it fades out. Any annoyance is soon forgotten when “Overthinking” drops. Tough drums, a nice bassline and sample combo are hardly groundbreaking but when it’s done right, that can be all you need.

Elzhi is in an introspective mood and it’s a good start to the album. “Self Made” seems a tad like early filler, what with the overused “Lafayette Afro Rock Band” sample and almost lazy drums but Elzhi carries the track along competently enough. “Cuffin Season” and “Seventeen” are both solid tracks, the latter showcasing Elzhi’s top-notch storytelling ability. “Friends” starts off with a harrowing sample and kicks in with a deep, synthy bassline which sets the tone for Elzhi to air grievances on past friendships, my personal favourite track off the album.

There’s a slight lull with the next two tracks, mainly due to the change of pace and feel, though I suspect they will have their place in people’s playlists after repeated spins. “Listen” features Amber Navan and sounds almost Pete Rockesque with the horns throughout the beat. It’s a real nice slice of Jazzy, soulful Hip-Hop that gets the head bobbing and Elzhi’s vocal tone sounds made for the track. “Breguets” and “Thank You” close the album out, both soulful, both lyrically on point.

All in all, Jericho Jackson is very solid. With Khrysis behind the boards you are always going to get, at the very least, competent beats but I feel Elzhi has helped push this album up another level.

SCORE: A very respectable 7.0/10

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